We all know that 2020 definitely was a challenging year. We got through it though (mostly!). 2020 was also a big year for learning, especially for our DevOps Girls community. Let’s take a moment to reflect on how we adapted and had some really great moments.

First, let’s check the data. We broke the 500 slack community members milestone with 507 members — over 50 more members than last year. Our Twitter followers increased almost daily. We now have 1,321 followers — that’s almost 350 more people who see our content. Our MeetUp page gained an extra 297 members this…

As another year passes for our DevOps Girls community, we wanted to take a moment to appreciate our accomplishments as a grassroots organisation with the goal to educate and celebrate women and non-binary people in technology.

We checked the numbers and can definitely say our community has grown. Since our first workshop in February 2017, our Slack member count is now 430, we have 979 Twitter followers and we gained an additional 244 members on our Meetup page.


We ended 2018 with a better understanding of our community. …

DevOps Girls

Likeminded tech folk who help women being upskilled and included in DevOps. Co-organisers: @JohnContad @TheresaNeate @setoide @francalovescake .

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